I live in a world between sight and complete blindness. It can be a muddled and highly unpredictable place so things are never boring. Although I see less, I often suspect that I experience more! All manner of bizarre occurences get me grinning and over the years I’ve collected many anecdotes. Some issues have plagued me for years - “Are disabled toilets only for wheelchair users or am I allowed to use them too?” Other things happen only once - booking a flight online and inadvertantly registering the whole family as blind. In my book I will reveal why I have ruled out a future as a bank robber and how I managed to drive myself to work by car last year.

My experiences as an Englishman in Germany have also caused me to burst into laughter on many an occasion. And when linguistic ineptitude combines with missing visual information, anything can happen...

I’m working hard on the book whenever there is a space between music events, and will publish a few excerpts on this site to give a taste of my writing.


BLIND MAN, 29, unsure of his own appearance, seeking serious relationship (looks not important).

Outstanding (redeeming) features: Doesn’t notice bad hair days, unaware of dirt and dust, doesn’t make eyes at other women, not obsessed with cars or football, doesn’t switch on lights when needing to go at night, doesn’t hog TV remote.

Foto unnecessary. 3D plaster cast appreciated.

Gimme one good season

Autumn arrives and I start using my white stick regularly. The only thing which impedes my passage are the piles of fallen leaves heaped up on the pavements. Nobody mentioned this during my mobility course.

Never mind, I think, the rustling sound is great and autumn won’t go on for ever.

When winter comes, I discover that my stick doesn’t function very well in snow. I didn’t learn about this in the training course.

Never mind, I think, the swishing sounds are great and winter won’t go on for ever.

Spring brings puddles. The ball of my stick splishes through them and I realise that it never rained during my training days. Never mind, I think, the splashing sounds are great and spring won’t go on for ever.

Struggling along a sandy beach, the summer sun beating down on me, I realise that my white stick is pretty useless here. I need a holiday from all this.

Never mind, I think, autumn will be here soon...