What is Complete Vocal Technique?

Complete Vocal Technique is a new and ground-breaking method for working with the human voice, which has been developed by the Danish singer, vocal coach and voice researcher Cathrine Sadolin. Cathrine has spent much of her life researching all the sounds which the human voice can produce and developing techniques for teaching singers, actors and speech therapists how to produce all these sounds in a healthy way.

In Juni 2015 I completed the singer/teacher diploma course at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Not only the singing technique, but the philosophy and pedagogics are highly inspiting and it‘s wonderful to be able to pass the new technique on to the singers and choirs with which I work.

With CVT it is possible to meet the individual needs of every singer - whether beginner or professional and whether they sing such diverse styles as heavy metal or classical repertoire.

The starting point is always the taste and the wishes of the singer. The techniques are remarkably flexible and singing in different styles is no longer a mystery!

My own experiences of CVT

I will never forget my first CVT session - a private lesson with Lindsay Lewis. In one hour I experienced a whole new way of looking at my voice, an inspiring new philosophy of teaching, and made an incredible amount of progress as things clicked into place. Because the technique was so concrete, I returned home knowing exactly what we had achieved, what my next steps would be and how to practice them!

This lesson had captured my interest. I bought Cathrine Sadolin‘s book, attended a weekend workshop in Hamburg, took a couple more individual lessons and my enthusiasm grew and grew. In the summer of 2012 I was overjoyed to be accepted for the three year teacher/singer couse at the Complete Vocal Insitute in Copenhagen. I graduated in June 2015 and am now an Authorised Teacher.