Is that a microphone?

Nope. That’s my white stick. It just looks like a mic when it’s folded up!

How much can you actually see?

A tricky question, because I’m not always sure what I see or don’t see myself. I’m legally blind but I do have a small area of remaining vision with which I can recognise things. This is best imagined as tunnel vision. My residual central vision allows me to even read this writing when it is enlarged. The rest of the picture is missing or very blurred. Other people have to go to art galleries in order to admire the works of impressionist painters. I have the pictures constantly - without having to make the extra effort!

If it gets too dark I can’t see anything at all. Night blindness was the first syptom of the eye condition in my childhood. But too much light is also no good - I’m over-sensative. I’m as happy as anybody else when the sun shines but... it dazzles me and sends me rushing for my sunglasses and wide brimmed hat!

Is there no cure?

Not yet. But a lot of research into genetic conditions is being done. I’m a member of the RP Society in Germany and am always informed of new research findings.

Will you be completely blind at some point?

That could be. Each year I see a little less. But for the most important things in my life - music and a good natter - I don’t need to be able to see.

The deterioration of my eyes depends on many different factors - Stress, diet, general health etc. But the condition remains unpredictable so I’ve decided to worry less and sing more!