Hofcafe Frelsdorfermühlen

Next date:

22nd of November 2019

Tickets €10 inc. snacks

Please book in advance: 04749 / 1497

(Answering machine - kindly leave your number)

Cask Guinness and Irish whiskey available!

Some people know Simon Bellett as a pianist, others as a conductor. Sometimes he appears as a saxophonist, as a composer of gospel songs, piano pieces or children’s songs. The multiinstrumentalist from England always seems to have the appropriate music for every occassion. But what is actually “his music”?

As a teenager he was already roaming with music. He hitchhiked across Britain to the folk festivals, busked and discovered the music of Ireland, which he still loves listening to and playing today. For the ballads he accompanies his voice with the guitar, the fast jigs and reels ring out from the accordion and for well known drinking songs such as “Whiskey in the jar” everybody can join in for a good old sing-along.

Simon begins the Irish evening by performing pieces to really listen to, explaining the story behind the songs. In between, the occassional “Guinness break” gives everyone a chance to top up their glasses. Later on in the evening Simon continues to play in the background and one can chat, drink and listen as in a genuine Irish pub.