Simon Bellett creates a very special atmosphere

FRELSDORFERMÜHLEN. It was a thought provoking, an inspiring evening. Even the approach through the deep, dark medieval forest was unique. “Anybody who hasn’t planned to come here would never find the place” agreed family von der Ohe, who run the highly successful cafe on their farm estate.

In the former parlour and the neighbouring garden room all seats were taken. The thoroughbred musician Simon Bellett played the finest Irish folk in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The native Englishman, who admits to never having set a foot on Irish soil, nevertheless knew from the first second how to take his audience on a convincing journey to the emerald isle.

The multiinstrumentalist, for whom music means everything because he has lost most of his sight due to an incurable eye disease, exudes an unbelievable joy and enthusiasm for music and life in general. He had brought with him an accordion, a real invitation to dance, a cajon and a typical Irish flute, the tin whistle. Not to mention his warm voice, which lent expression to the Irish mood, whether happy and carefree or deeply lamenting.

It only took a few songs about love, hope and homeland to inspire dreaming and lingering thoughts. Then enthusiastic clapping set in, causing the entertainer to play ever faster on the keys. Some of the audience sat deeply entranced with closed eyes, others hummed along to the lyrics. It was a very special atmosphere, cheerful and light hearted. The musician creating all these high spirits, who lives in Sellstedt at the moment, introduced the songs, their stories and meanings. He performed historical ballads, drinking songs, sea-shanties, songs of would-be emigrees and well known ones such as “Molly Malone”

Whiskey, cask Guinness and snacks served on roof shingles put the finishing touch to the cosy atmosphere of an irish pub. One guest from Donnern, near Bremerhaven, said that she comes regularly. She loves the quaint and rustic atmosphere, which harks back to Grandma’s era. The cafe is open in the summer months at weekends from 2 til 6pm. Apple harvest, an advent exhibition and cultural events such as the irish evening are usually sold out well in advance. For Simon Bellett this was already the fourth sell out.

Source: Bremervörder Anzeiger January 2011