Simon Bellett‘s music quiz at the Kulturhof gets brains whirring - participants required to think outside the box

BEVERSTEDT. Simply performing pieces for a whole evening has never really been Simon Bellett‘s thing. The Englishman‘s highly communicative style, which has become a defining feature of his concerts, has found it‘s next logical development in his new event, a musical quiz. On Friday evening, the sold out premiere at the Kulturhof in Heyerhöfen was a resounding success.

Great Britain has a long tradition of pub quizzes and in recent years their popularity has spread on the German pub scene. Even though everybody has a smartphone these days, there is no cheating - that‘s a matter of honour. Besides, googling would have disturbed the listener‘s own enjoyment of the music. „You can call out the answers“, suggested Bellett jokingly, „but then everybody will get them!“. The questions covered a wide range from „dead easy“ to „how on earth am I supposed to know that?“. At the beginning it was enough to be able to recognise a ukulele but things became more demanding: Which classical composer had inspired Procol Harum‘s „A Whiter Shade of Pale“? (The orchestral suite by Johann Sebastian Bach) Or asking the participants to recognise 5/4 time, which required more advanced musical knowledge. „We didn‘t want to make things too easy,“ explained Bellett, regarding the setting of the questions, „so you may need to use some creative thinking.“ Other questions had a personal background which the competitors couldn‘t know, forcing them to rely on guesswork - for instance: Which piece is most frequently requested when Bellett plays piano at the hotel or why he twice recieved an extraordinary amount of tips for playing a certain piece there.

Asking his audience to name the composer of the next piece, he consciously led them astray, (he himself being the composer) and laughed all the more at their answers. „You‘ve compared me to Elton John and Andrew Lloyd Webber“, he grinned. „I feel extremely honoured!“. In contrast, the audience showed amazing ability in naming pieces after hearing only a tiny fragment - for example guessing the „Pink Panther Theme“ on the basis of only the first two notes.

At the end of the evening, three teams and one individual player were thrilled to be announced as winners and enjoyed picking up their prizes: Concert vouchers for the Kulturhof and tickets for forthcoming Bellett events.

Source: Nordseezeitung, January 2016.