Simon Bellett plays at the market

BREMERHAVEN. „What‘s it to be? Tulips from Amsterdam, the skies above Paris or an Irish folksong? One lively melody after the other echoes across the flower filled market place at it almost feels like a normal sunny spring morning. Almost.,,

„Excellent - you‘re singing corona away for us!“ calls a passerby to the man with the woolly hatand accordeon as he rushes by, and it chinks as he throws a coin into the hat positioned on the ground. A few people who have stopped to listen five a round of applause. „Thanks. Thank you!“

Today and on all coming Geestemünde market days - as long as it‘s still allowed - the thoroughbred British musician will be performing here on the Konrad-Adenauer-Square between 9 and 11 o‘clock, lifting spirits dampened by the coronavirus.

„It was Friday the 13th when my whole diary was emptied in one foul swoop.“ explains the freelance musician with a touch of dark sarcasm. „Workshops cancelled, concerts cancelles, confirmation celebrations cancelled...“ At the moment 20 or 30 Euros earned busking at the market is a lot of money. But he is also playing to „cheer up and encourage everybody. The worst thing is a feeling of powerlessness - not being able to so anything gets you down. You‘ve got to hang on in there.“

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Source: Nordseezeitung, March 2020

Photo: Scheer